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Seb Craft

ok so basically this is a whitelist-only 1.19.2 minecraft java edition server, but you probably already knew that. just connect to craft.sebsite.pw

client-side mods and resource pack

note that this isn't required, but it's nice to have. first of all, if you want to use the client-side mods, you should install Fabric, since all of the mods require it. if you don't want any client-side mods, just don't install Fabric and the mods won't do anything. click the button below, and unzip the file directly into your .minecraft directory (it should add something to resourcepacks, as well as stuff to mods). note that if you already have mods for your current installation, you probably want to get rid of them here, or make a new installation if you're using a custom launcher (as you probably should be). Download Me!

(yes i'm aware the download button looks like a virus, i pinky promise it's not and you know i wouldn't break a pinky promise)

here's a list of the included mods:

as for resource packs, there's a server-side data pack (see below) which lets you preview the inside of shulker boxes by hovering over them in your inventory, and a custom resource pack is needed for that to work. again, this isn't strictly required, but you probably want this.


i'm not gonna bother putting a list of official rules here, cuz the server is pretty casual and that feels unnecessary. don't be a dick and don't use hacks (use common sense with client-side mods). i also have zero tolerance for homophobia, transphobia, racism, sexism, or any other kind of -ism. again, don't be a dick.


you can basically use this for whatever you want i guess: 5520728315301704325

server-side mods

server-side carpet settings

antiCheatDisabled true
chainStone true
cleanLogs true
ctrlQCraftingFix true
desertShrubs true
fastRedstoneDust true
fillLimit 131072
huskSpawningInTemples true
lagFreeSpawning true
leadFix true
lightningKillsDropsFix true
missingTools true
movableBlockEntities true
optimizedTNT true
placementRotationFix true
pushLimit 50
renewableBlackstone true
renewableDeepslate true
renewableSponges true
scriptsAppStore none

accurateBlockPlacement true
autoCraftingDropper true
chickenShearing true
clericsFarmWarts true
commandPing true
comparatorReadsClock true
creeperSpawningInJungleTemples true
dispensersCarvePumpkins true
dispensersFeedAnimals true
dispensersFillMinecarts true
dispensersMilkAnimals true
dispensersPlaceBoatsOnIce true
dispensersPlayRecords true
dispensersPotPlants true
dispensersStripBlocks true
dispensersTillSoil true
dispensersToggleThings true
dispensersUseCauldrons true
renewableEndstone true
renewableNetherrack true
straySpawningInIgloos true

server-side data packs

crafting tweaks

ok i might write these down later but i don't feel like it rn lol, just use the recipe book

more info i think

currently i think there's something like 15 whitelisted users? yeah that sounds about right

i'm probably forgetting something here lol

ah shit social interaction

wanna call or chat or something? yeah you do. the primary means of communication are in-game with chat and the voice chat mod, Element (Matrix), Jitsi Meet, IRC, or SMS. pick your poison!